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Studies on the origins of the city’s name Treviso have led to the most varied interpretations, some very imaginative such as that of the foundation by an oriental people the Taurisci , followers of the god Apli , a deity with the appearance of a bull.

In a legendary battle, this population would have helped the Venetians against the Giants of Istro and therefore, in memory of this partnership, they were given the opportunity to found a city, Taurisium, the city of Taurus.

The historic center of Treviso welcomes us with its buildings, many of which are frescoed outside in this city called “urbs picta “, precisely a painted city, chosen by Dante for spend part of his exile there.

As a city linked to the water of the Sile that runs through it, it is the glimpses that kidnap us in the area of the ancient “squero” or the picturesque Buranelli canal, to take us to the heart of Treviso with the elegant Piazza dei Trecento.

Treviso was also home to one of the first universities, founded in 1321.

The whole city was decorated with military valor for the partisan struggle in the second world war.

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