Brenta Canal and Venetian Villas

Our proposals for guided tours in the Brenta Riviera

    By bus or by boat.

    You will enjoy the many enchanting and sumptuous facades of the Venetian Villas along the Brenta River, between Padua and Venice, typical expression of the ancient Venetian culture and civilization.

    The most famous are:

    Villa Pisani, the “little Versailles”, commissioned by the doge Almorò Pisani: more than 100 rooms, baroque fornitures, frescoes and stucco decorations, the ballroom with marvellous Tiepolo’s cycle of fresco, its huge garden with the stables, the pond, the orangery, and the maze.

    Villa Widmann-Foscari, a beatifull example of Rococo’ taste, All the rooms are finely decorated with precious polychrome stuccoes, a big garden with plants, bushes, statues, the private chapel. The Villa has been owned by the Provincial Council of Venice since 1984.

    Villa Foscari “La Malcontenta”, the villa designed by biggest master of the Renaissance Architecture Andrea Palladio for the brothers Nicolò and Alvise Foscari in the middle of the XVI cent. with the splendid interior frescoes by Battista Franco and Gian Battista Zelotti.

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