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11 March 2020
Marostica Medieval Town
11 March 2020



Treviso – Tour Description

Treviso, the city with splendid frescoed houses, arcades, placid canals, bathed by the Sile, the longest resurgence river in Europe. The river that flows beyond the city walls, through natural oases, ancient mills, villas, to the sea. The heart of the city is the Piazza dei Signori, where Treviso people love to meet and chat, dominated by the Palazzo dei Trecento, an imposing Romanesque building from the ‘200, the ancient court and council chamber of the medieval city.
Next to the square, we will take the Calmaggiore, the ancient Cardo Massimo of the Roman city that connects the “civil” center of the city with the Duomo.
The cathedral, dedicated to St. Peter, was modified in the Renaissance and then rebuilt in the XVIII century in the neo-Renaissance style while the pronaos was completely redone in the 1800s. The apse area rests on a beautiful and very ancient crypt of the 11th century; inside the church you will admire numerous works including a “Annunciation” by Titian and frescoes by Antonio de Sacchis called Pordenone.
The other “not to be missed” churches in Treviso are the Romanesque building of San Francesco, the burial place of two “sons of art”: Francesca Petrarca and Pietro Alighieri.
Another “must” of the visit is the church of S. Nicolò, built in the 14th century by the Dominicans thanks to the contribution of the Treviso native pope Nicolò Boccassino. The church and the nearby monastery house the wonderful frescoes by Tommaso da Modena, an important 14th century painter, in particular the chapter house with the 40 portraits of the greatest representatives of the Dominican order.
Let have a glimpse to the Buranelli canal and the Pescheria island, a very lively area frequented by inhabitants thanks to the daily markets and the many wine bars, where you can stop and sip a glass of prosecco wine.
Among the city monuments we also point out the Civic Museums which host, among many works of art, the famous cycle of detached frescoes of Sant’Orsola, by Tommaso da Modena and the house of the Carraresi, a Romanesque building that preserves medieval frescoes inside, which houses conferences, seminars and temporary exhibitions of international appeal.

Treviso province called the “Marca Trevigiana”

Treviso 2-hour guided tour can be combined to the many historical cities present in its surrouding area such as Asolo, Castelfranco Veneto, Possagno, Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto and the Palladio villas. These are some of the itineraries proposed by Veneto TourGuide and it will be a pleasure for us to let you discover these charming landscapes and cities.

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